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Name: Paul Mauviel | ‌‌Location: Canada ‌‌| Contact:

Professional software engineer specializing in MVPs and Proof Of Concepts.

Proven ability to take proof of concepts and turn them into reality in a largely bespoke manner with as little external dependencies as possible.

Knowledge Domains: Software Architecture, Game Engines, Cloud Services and Virtual Reality.


Work History

Software Engineer
Apr 2018 — present (3 yrs, 1 mo)

- 2021: Created a go library providing web assembly WASM/WASI integration allowing for secure execution of untrusted user code. Demonstration integrated Twilio to provide customer defined user notification system.

- 2020: created a microservice that provided cloud formation integration for low cost demonstration environments of our product.

- Helped drive legacy product modernization by performing large refactorings of back end systems resulting in a very noticeable front end load time improvement when working at larger scales. (minutes to seconds load times. )

Skills used: Java, Go, Cassandra, Cockroach, AngularJS, Angular 2, Jenkins, Linux, and Network Devices

Mauville Technologies
Freelancer / Consultant
Jun 2014 — present (6 yrs, 11 mos)

- Godot plugin for Dragonbones 2D skeletal animation (

- Open Source Mario Maker Clone in Godot ( - Multiple released Unreal Engine courses

- YouTube channel focused on educating fledgling developers on various technologies (godot, unreal, leap motion, c++, game engine programming, golang) (

- Built virtual reality desktop application in Unreal Engine 4; the first of its kind to support break out, single applications.

- Cloud docker orchestration system similar, but prior to, Docker Compose focused on allowing users to donate their docker instances in exchange for services.

Skills used: Kubernetes, Go, Java, Unreal Engine, unity, Wordpress, React, React Native, C++, and Godot

Software Engineer
Sep 2017 — Mar 2018 (6 mos)

Part of the Kubernetes integration team providing the ability to monitor and deploy kubernetes containers and clusters in a hybrid cloud infrastructure management system.

Skills used: Java, AngularJS, Angular 2, Kubernetes, and VMware vSphere