Website rework incoming

I’ve decided it’s time to stop being lazy with my personal website.

Therefore, I am currently reworking the entire thing. Blog posts as they are may disappear but I’m hoping to make this look more like a site a professional like myself can be proud of.

Stay tuned.

Youtube things

Hi there,

Anyone who knows me, knows I can be pretty random. I also used to draw a lot… years ago that is. Anyways so I acquired my favourite art software today and thought I’d start messing with it and publish a Youtube series about my randoms. So without further ado, I present you:

(Youtube) Shitty Art and Shitty Music!


Did you like it?



GSP — Informal thoughts about Docker, kDaemon, networking and monetization

Good evening,

So Jake and I recently decided we’ll be applying for Global Solutions Program ( GSP ) happening this June and I got to the media portion and realized I haven’t built a set yet nor have I bought appropriate equipment for recording video at a quality I’d prefer.

So instead of looking like a complete fool, I built a small set and did what I could.

It turns out making something into 2 minutes can be hard.

So I ended up rambling to the camera about pretty much everything I’ve been upto lately.

If you can bear the 5-10minutes of nonsense at the beginning, I get to some real points at the end. There’s a summary video for TL;DR purposes as well:


The Videos